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High Performance Natural Energy Drink

Intra Workout Tea

PirateTea is the only natural energy drink that contains 22 herbs from six continents, which helps you to stay focused and energized! PirateTea is a unique energy drink without calories and with delicious taste. The herb blend in PirateTea is scientifically proven to boost the testosterone both in males and females to a natural level.

PirateTea is an excellent option for the moments, when you crave something, and you don’t want to cheat on your diet. The energy drink can suppress the hunger and helps you to better stick with your diet!

Zero – calorie drink with a gentle amount of caffeine (only 10mg per 200ml)

  • Without calories

Zero – calorie drink, which helps you stick to your diet

  • Amazing taste

The product has a delicious orange – peppermint flavor. It doesn’t contain sugar.

  • Very gentle amount of caffeine (10mg per 200ml one cup of PirateTea)
PirateTea Teaflask