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PirateTea is the ultimate natural performance drink for those looking to boost their energy, focus, and vitality. Our unique blend of 22 herbs from six continents.

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High Performance
Natural Energy Drink

The natural ingredients in PirateTea provide a gentle and sustained boost of energy and focus, helping you power through your day without the highs and lows of other energy drinks.

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The ultimate natural performance drink

PirateTea is the ultimate natural performance drink for those looking to boost their energy, focus, and vitality. Our unique blend of 22 herbs from six continents, including Tribulus Terrestris, Ironwort, Ginkgo Biloba and 19 more, work together to naturally enhance your cognitive functions, boost testosterone levels, and give you the energy you need to push beyond your limits.


100% natural and free of any preservatives or artificial substances

Our delicious orange-peppermint flavor is not only refreshing, but also 100% natural and free of any preservatives or artificial substances. Our tea comes in convenient organic tea bags that can be easily carried on-the-go, or for the highest quality of loose leaf product, we have packed it in a sustainable metal can. Each can contains 63g of PirateTea, enough for 21 doses. With only 10mg of caffeine per dose and 0 calories, PirateTea is the perfect choice for those looking for a natural energy boost without any unwanted side effects.

Nutrition facts

  • Amount (ml) 200
  • Energy (KJ/kCal) 21/5
  • Fat (g) 0
  • Saturated fat (g) 0
  • Carbs (g) 4
  • Sugar (g) 0
  • Proteins (g) 1
  • Sodium (g) 0,03
  • Fibers (g) 2
  • Caffeine (mg) 10
  • Vitamin A (mg) 110
  • Vitamin C (mg) 4
  • Vitamin B (mg) 0,042
  • Calcium (mg) 40
  • Magnesium (mg) 6,5
  • Zink (mg) 0,2
  • Iron (mg) 0,14

Key Benefits


Super Delicious Exotic Taste

Exotic fusion of herbs brings you on taste adventure, with orange peppermint aroma and amber golden glow color.


Gentle Caffeine Content

10mg per 200ml, providing a sustained level of energy without the jitters and anxiety associated with other highly caffeinated drinks.


Boosts Testosterone Levels

Boost testosterone to natural levels without exceeding them. This can lead to improved muscle growth, bone density, and overall health and wellness.


Zero Calories Natural Energy Drink

Zero-calorie drink, making a great beverage choice for anyone who wants to stick to their diet.


Improved Cognitive Function

The herbs in PirateTea have been shown to improve cognitive function, memory, and focus, helping you stay sharp and productive throughout the day.


Reduce Anxiety and Improve Mood

Without caffeine crash and jitters associated with the consumption of processed high sugar and highly caffeinated energy drinks. PirateTea doesn’t disrupt your sleep.

Pirate Tea - Pure science

What the science says

The herbs in the PirateTea formula contain natural compounds that have been shown to improve energy levels and mental focus, without the negative side effects associated with synthetic caffeine or other stimulants.

PirateTea contains antioxidants and other beneficial compounds that improve energy and focus and support overall health and well-being. The natural ingredients in PirateTea can provide a safe and effective way to support energy and health, without the negative side effects associated with many traditional energy drinks.

Why PirateTea
is Better

The unique combination of herbs in PirateTea provides balanced energy to the body and helps boost testosterone to natural levels, without exceeding them, which is beneficial for both men and women.

Regular Energy Drink

The PirateTea

Everybody Loves
Pirate Tea

5 reviews

5 reviews for PirateTea

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  1. Stefan

    Top tea!

  2. Monka

    I drink Pirate Tea every day.

  3. Coolio

    Cool tea!

  4. Mike

    Honestly one of the best Tea’s i have ever taken. Not only the flavour is really good but also the drive and awareness i had once i took it. Great job!

  5. André

    Very good tea, delicious!
    I take it during workout and i love it!

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Popular Questions

You ask, we answer. Discover why PirateTea natural energy drink is superior to regular energy drinks.

Are you eco friendly?

The ingredients used in PirateTea are natural and sustainably sourced. For example, Yerba Mate, Guarana, and Golden Root are all sourced from South America, where they have been traditionally used for centuries. These plants are typically grown in the shade, which helps preserve the surrounding ecosystem.

Similarly, Ironwort, Mace, and Rose petals are often grown in small-scale, organic gardens, which help support local communities and minimize the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

PirateTea packaging is 100% recyclable.

How often should I take Pirate Tea? When should I take it?

Recomended usage is 3 times per day and not more than 9 in 24h. You can take PirateTea everyday: after wake up, before and during work out. 

PirateTea increases the focus and memory when you need your mind to be sharpest, during business meeting, presentation or during competitive games.

Is PirateTea safe to drink from women?

Yes, PirateTea is safe to be consumed by women. While it contains ingredients that can help boost testosterone levels in both men and women, the amount used is carefully selected to only increase testosterone to natural levels without exceeding them. This is beneficial for women as well because testosterone plays an important role in maintaining bone density, muscle mass, and overall health and wellness.

Furthermore, testosterone is not only a hormone that is exclusive to men; women also produce testosterone, but in smaller amounts. In fact, testosterone is important for women's health as it plays a role in maintaining a healthy libido, regulating mood, and increasing energy levels.

However, it's important to note that while PirateTea can help boost testosterone levels, it's not a replacement for hormone therapy, and women who have concerns about their testosterone levels should consult with a healthcare professional. Overall, PirateTea is a safe and natural energy drink that can provide a range of benefits for both men and women, including sustained energy levels, improved cognitive function, and a healthier and more sustainable option compared to other energy drinks on the market.

Is your product safe for those with a nut and gluten allergy?

While PirateTea does not contain nuts or gluten as ingredients. It is produced in a facility that handles these allergens, which may result in cross-contamination. If you have a nut or gluten allergy, it is always best to consult with a healthcare professional and carefully read the product label and ingredient list before consuming any new supplement.

Can I have the official lab testing report?

Contact us to request the lab testing report or any other information regarding the product's safety, ingredients, and quality control measures. It is always important for us to verify the safety and efficacy of our natural energy drink.

Are any banned substances in your product?

PirateTea is formulated with natural and safe ingredients, and we take great care to ensure that there are no banned substances in their product. Additionally, the product is regularly tested to ensure it meets safety and quality standards and is free of any harmful contaminants. We are committed to providing a safe and effective natural energy drink option for their customers.

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