Our Story – PirateTea Amsterdam

by Yavor Pavlov, Founder of PirateTea

Our story started 5 years ago when I turned 30 and when I began feeling the changes in my body and testosterone level.

I needed to change my habits to sustain my health performance and longevity. In addition I love traveling regularly, however I hate jet lag and feeling low energy not being able to enjoy these experiences to the fullest. I play chess on a competitive level and my specialty is 3 min blitz games. My hobby is poker. I need to be highly focused in every move I make.

Like many, at first I turned to the popular energy boosters like coffee and energy drinks. However, I quickly felt the downside of consuming them. I love tea and I asked my sister Yana for advice, as she is the tea specialist in our family. Thanks to her recommendation I started consuming Guarana and Yerba Matte regularly. With consistent consumption I quickly experienced the benefits, which inspired me to start deep research for more healthy ingredients that can further contribute to a better quality of life. The journey of PirateTea creation began.

During one of my trips to North and South America I tried Catuaba, Damina and Golden Root. In Far East Asia and Russia I tried Oolong tea, Ashwagandha and Siberian Ginseng. I also knew about the wonders of Tribulus Terrestris and Ironwort(Mursalski chai) for boosting testosterone naturally. They are mainly found in the Balkan Peninsula. Then I began my work with scientists from National Academy of Science in Sofia. They helped me find the benefits of Ginger, Mace and Lapacho. They also helped me to define the quantity and proportions of each ingredient to deliver maximum benefit to the human body per serving. 

Going deeper with my research and after the first samples came from the laboratory I tried them not only on myself but also on my athlete/gamer cousin. It was valuable to learn the effect of the product on younger organism. He learned Mandarin and Hebrew, he is 10k gold medalist and is really good in CSGO. He is constantly active mentally and physically and he is natural. PirateTea helps him to sustain a stable level of energy for long periods of time and to focus on his highly cognitive challenging daily tasks. 

The product properties were fantastic and everyone who has tried our tea increased their level of performance. The challenge, in all honesty, was the herbs tasted horrible. It felt like taking medication. So, we spent over a year in combining different flavours to improve the taste. I can describe myself as a person with a sweet tooth, and my standard for taste is very high. We also wanted to make the colour more attractive naturally without artificial additives.

With the help of Yana and Niki, and after many trials, we discovered the combination of orange peels and peppermint, which delivers just the right refreshing taste. Combined with unprocessed stevia, it challenges your taste buds! This was the final tune to make PirateTea the ultimate drink. We combine the best properties of all valuable ingredients with delicious taste and it is all 100% natural. Without preservatives, without the empty calories of sugar.

PirateTea ingredients provide very gentle amount of caffeine (approximately 15% of espresso coffee), which makes it suitable to be consumed during the whole day. PirateTea also delivers constant energy without highs and lows. The synergy of herbs in PirateTea boosts testosterone to natural levels, without exceeding them.
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