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Boost Your Testosterone Naturally

Sooner or later, it hits you! From a certain age, the male testosterone level changes. This process starts around the age of thirty. In order to maintain the normal activity level or the level of sports performance, there are many products on the market. But not all of them are equally healthy. Coffee and energy drinks or the intake of supplements have their downside. The composition of PirateTea consists of herbs and spices that are known for their healthy, stimulating ability. With PirateTea, your body boosts naturally. Our teas consist of a combination of valuable, natural ingredients with a delicious taste, and it is all 100% natural.  

The sweet taste is also natural. You drink a tea for men without preservatives and without the empty calories of sugar. PirateTea ingredients offer a low caffeine content (about 15% espresso coffee). This makes the tea suitable as a tea for fitness. The synergy of herbs in PirateTea increases testosterone to natural levels, without exceeding them.


Which are the natural testosterone sources?

Ashwagandha is the king of Ayurvedic (Indian) herbs. Various part of the plant can be used, but the most common is an extract of its roots. It can modestly enhance athletic performance, improve glucose metabolism, and increase testosterone levels.

Tribulus is a traditional medicine herb from Balkans region and India. Tribulus terrestris is widely used for boosting the testosterone to natural levels. It improves libido in women and men. Tribulus terrestris promotes the production of gains in strength and lean muscle mass.

Ginger is an is flowering plant also used as a spice that is used both in Traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Medicine. The demand for ginger all over the world has been consistent throughout the history. It can reduce nausea very effectively and ease digestion also in larger quantities taking daily it can increase testosterone.

Testosterone booster

Does all tea boost testosterone?

No, it certainly doesn’t. PirateTea has been optimized into special tea mixes for men after long study and mixing. We have carefully selected 22 herbal treasures from 6 continents and combined them together into the ultimate drink that vitalizes mind and body naturally. This gives our tea for men, the right mixture as a drink for men with an active lifestyle.

“PirateTea is the #1 healthy,  TEA for men for a great testosterone and vitality boost”.

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