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You searched for ‘Tea for Fitness‘? Then you are at the right place at Pirate Tea. Regular intensive exercise keeps your body in shape, is good for your mental health and thus contributes to a long and active life. At the same time, regular exercise is also a strain on your body. To help your body regenerate, to build muscle and to replenish used minerals and other nutrients, tea for fitness is ideal. Special tea for fitness is an ideal thirst quencher and does not contain any bad sugars that deplete your body. Instead, tea for fitness contains nutrients that really benefit your body and mind. 

What should a good tea for fitness contain?

Sweat cools you down during exercise, but at the same time it also flushes out important minerals such as sodium, calcium or magnesium from your body. Many ready-made sports drinks are designed to replenish these minerals. Unfortunately, they are also often full of sugar and do not provide what you really need. Fitness tea from Pirate Tea is specially formulated for sporty men. Our fitness tea has nothing too much, and nothing too limited.

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What is tea for fitness? 

When we exercise intensively, such as in the gym or while jogging or running, our body has an extra need for many vitamins and trace elements. The most popular drinks to accompany sports are: water, isotonic sports drinks or tea for fitness. Tea for Fitness, or Finnish tea, is a perfect sports drink when you want to compensate for the loss of minerals and trace elements after exercise. 

Tea for fitness sounds very hip and trendy. But it is nothing new. Tea and fitness – both for their natural and healthy properties – have long gone hand in hand. 

Tea for finesse, tea for sporty men

One reason for the increase in performance in sport is caffeine in green tea, as well as matcha tea and mate tea. Tea for fitness is a mug full of ingredients that increases physical activity and thus performance. Pirate Tea is a performance drink combining 22 herbs from 6 continents that vitalize your mind and body naturally with delicious orange peppermint flavor! It contains no preservatives or artificial substances. Pirate Tea ingredients boost your testosterone to natural levels and enhance your cognitive functions. Some of the ingredients in our fitness teas: 

Tribulus terrestirtis: improves libido in women and men, Tribulus terrestris promotes the production of gains in strength and lean muscle mass.

Ironwort (sideritis) aka Mursalski chai: Health benefits, according to the latest scientific research, include improved digestion, immune system support, and enhanced sexual vitality.

Yerba mate (illex paraguariensis): Yerba suppress appetite and burn fat.

Catuaba: used to cure anxiety, depression and lack of energy and focus.

Damiana (Turnera Diffusa): helps your body adjust to physical, biological and chemical stress.

Gingko Biloba: Research shows the positive effects of Gingko on memory, stress relief and visual acuity.

Ginger: reduces nausea and ease digestion also in larger quantities taking daily it can increase testosterone.

Goji Berry (Lycium barabarum): helps to feel calm, improve athletic performance and boost our immune system.

Mace (Myristica): relieves pain and improve digestion and strengthen the cognitive function.

Golden root (Rhodiola rosea): reducing fatigue and exhaustion in prolonged stressful activities.

Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus): increases mental alertness, and physical performance and is a great addition to you diet for overall quality of life.

Tea for fitness stimulates the metabolism

Fitness tea is also suitable for healthy weight loss, as it stimulates the metabolism and thus burns calories, reduces the desire for sweets, curbs the appetite, flushes out toxins and at the same time contributes to a balanced diet.

Make your own tea for fitness using our specially selected blends. This has the advantage that you can easily adapt your sports drinks to your personal needs.


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Better performance with fitness tea

During sports, large amounts of body fluids can be lost through breathing and sweating. A sufficient supply of water is therefore very important during and after exercise to compensate for fluid loss.

Pirate Tea offers the advantages of coffee or sports drinks, but without their disadvantages. Many sports doctors therefore recommend fitness teas. They see it as a great way to maintain fluid balance, and fitness tea is great for athletes who don’t like to bottle up with tasteless water. Fitness tea contains less sugar and caffeine than energy drinks, so it provides the benefits while avoiding the side effects of a discouraging, delayed crash. Adequate fluid intake is very important during and after exercise to compensate for fluid loss. The effect of fitness tea lasts longer and not only provides adequate hydration but also helps to keep it that way.

Pirate Tea is also perfect for healthy weight loss, as it contains almost no calories. Teas such as green tea, matcha tea and mate tea contain ingredients that support healthy weight loss, as they effectively stimulate fat burning and slow down the bitter substances in them. If you choose the type of tea to lose weight smartly, fitness tea helps to burn fat and most importantly, maintain your healthy diet. One of the most important tips for healthy weight loss with Pirate Tea is to drink as much of it as possible. Unfortunately, without a healthy diet and exercise, fitness tea is pretty much on its own and can therefore achieve very little. Healthy food and exercise are also necessary to lose extra kilos. Pirate Tea is an excellent addition to a balanced diet and an active lifestyle.


Your perfect shot of fitness tea

Pirate Tea consists of a carefully formulated blend that is specifically tailored to support the active male body. The ingredients in Pirate Fitness tea have both stimulating and restorative powers. While regular supplements and protein drinks used within the fitness world are known to have fewer positive effects, drinking fitness tea counteracts inflammation and the ingredients help to reduce fluid retention in the body. Pirate Tea Fitness is a natural source of energy and nutrition. Pirate Tea – Tea for Fitness is ideal for men who have a significant gym routine and want to maximize their strength, gains and overall results.